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Lecture 11

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Jeffrey May

GGR313 Lecture 12 - EXAM REVIEW - Exam details o All course material (readings, lectures, discussions, participation exercises) can be covered on the exam o Exam is worth 20% o Will be given course concepts list on the exam paper itself o Exam on June 19, 1-3PM, IB120 - Exam instructions o 34 course concepts  We will compile the list afterwards o Four parts to the exam in which each part has a choice and you must indicate your choices clearly on the exam paper - Parts of the exam o Definitions/explanations o Images o Quotations o Long answer - Part 1 o Definitions/explanations o Answer 2/6 o 3 marks each for a total of 6 marks o Define and explain with at least one example. Please attempt to use your own words instead of Jeff’s o Any course concept could come up here - Part 2 o Images o Answer 2/3 o 6 marks each = 12 marks total - Sample question o This image depicts an ad for Canadian Men’s hockey and a Syrian parade/protest. How does this image help us understand public space’s visbilizing function? - Part 3 o Quotations o Answer 2/3 o 6 marks each = 12 marks total - Quotation sample o Yeoh and Huang argue that ‘the foreign domestic worker as a foreigner and a domestic occupies an untenable space - neither incorporated as an employee in the public sphere with social and legal rights under the jurisdiction of the state, nor a member of the familial where relations are governed by non-market affinities’ (1997: 588). Explain this quotation, making reference to at least three course concepts. - Part 4 o Long answer o Answer 2 of 4 o 10 marks each for a total of 20 marks - Example Long Answer Question o We discussed the Just Dessert
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