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Lecture 6

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Jeffrey May

GGR313 Lecture 6 - Public, Private, and the Built Environmen: Race, Gender, The streets, and geography - Gun violence devastating black youth, group says o VIDEO - The Just Desserts Shooting o Shooting occurred in 1994 o Happened in the Annex o Robbers wanted to rob customers and the store o White woman was shot and killed o Three people involved were all black males - Boxing Day shooting o Shooting in 2005 o White girl shot and killed o People who were rounded up were all black males - Public space and good, private citizen o Not actually exclusive o Not a free space of interaction, but rather built around exclusion of certain people, certain types of people o The city is not opened to assimilated otherness (compared to Young) - A public space is a state-owned piece of land or territory that is used as a place where citizens can gather (parks, squares, sidewalks, streets) o It generally refers to places that are owned by the state and not controlled by private interests o Different from semi- and pseudo- public spaces like mall - Privatization o Public spaces in our cities are increasingly privatize o Although public spaces like Dundas Square is owned by the city of Toronto, it is being privatized and controlled for only certain activities o There are also private security forces - The creation of an idealized citizen o The idealized citizen is:  Rational as opposed to emotional or passionate  Quiet  Respective of laws and other people’s space/property  Exhibits ‘appropriate’ behaviour for the scheduled event (not sitting on the sidewalk if people need to walk by, etc;)  Not being too rowdy  Having a permit if you want to perform or panhandle  Can afford what is being sold o Community of idealized citizen that does not include all members of the public o Different than Young’s idea of city - Ruddick blasts open two assumptions o That public spaces are universally open to everyone in the ‘public’ o That public space operates at the level of local urban community o ‘public’ space is a sham!  Public space does not only operate at a local level  Public spaces are seeing increase in privatization and what results is that there’s exclusion of those who are considered “others” or those that don’t belong  Not actually public for everyone - Remember: o Scale is a social construction  Body, building, neighbourhood, region, city, country, continent, globe o Scales are socially constructed to suit particular purposes o Not hierarchy, but scales are manipulated to suit some group’s particular needs o Ex. Hard to say where is Toronto and Mississauga’s boundaries o Scale is experience very differently than the proposed hierarchy o Scale is social construction and can be manipulated and can be for certain purposes - Just Desserts shoot
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