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Lecture 2

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Nicole Laliberte

Lecture 2GGR313 Crash Course in Feminist TheoryWomen are different so they should vote o Because they have different opinionsexperienceso Women are maternal the peacemakers Part of the innateness of womenhood Counteract the aggression of meno Difference is important Women are equal they are all the same Argument of saying women are innately the peacemakers was a form of essentialism essential identity that is biologically based Seen as predominantly white middleclass womens movement Idea that there are different ways of experiencing womenhood focusing on the white middle class way of ito Multiple feminisms coming through1960s1970sSwitch from political rights to economic rightso Equal payEqual rightsequal to whom Equal to white middle class meno Multiple masculinities what does it mean to think of equality when there is so much variety within both genders o Reproductive rightswho has the control over a womens bodyThird Wave1990s Young movement More creative in the variety of things coming forwardPunk bandsMix and matchchoose what you want to put together for
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