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Lecture 7

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Pierre Desrochers

Writing, Technology and Government Writing: made possible transmission of knowledge>>  Accuracy, quantity, detail  From more; distant lands, remote times Diffusion of writing Blueprint copying (copy/modify available detailed print) Idea diffusion (basic idea; reinvent details) Diamond's 2 main points  Cumulative development, not isolated heroic acts  Most uses found after invented 4 factors influencing acceptance of new technologies  Advantage over alternatives  Social value and prestige  Compatibility with vested interests  Ease of seeing advantages 14 factors (pros and cons) affecting receptivity among societies  Long life expectancy o Life experience o Time to embark on venture  Ideological reasons o Risk taking behaviour o Scientific outlook o Tolerance of diverse views o Religion  Economics/organization society o Cheap slave labor o Patents and property laws o Opportunities technical training o Financial rewards to invention o Individualism (i.e. financial returns not divided among all relative)  Other factors o War o Centralized government o Climate (good or bad) o Resources abundance (or not) Geography and Invention? Where do new innovations come from?  Most borrowed rather than 'invented'  Some societ
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