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Pierre Desrochers

Lecture 2: Out of Africa Diamond against Traditional ED 1. Racial or genetic superiority a. No objective evidence 2. Cold climate stimulates inventiveness -but Europeans inherited -agriculture -wheels -writing -metallurgy -all this stuff inherited from warm climate people like Africans, asia, and Arabians. They didn’t invent this they inherited it (so diamond also disagrees with this two) 3. Lowland river valleys in dry climates depended or irrigation and centralized bureaucracies -but irrigation systems followed, not accompanied, bureaucracies -agriculture originated in hills and mountains 4. Guns, infectious diseases, steel told, manufactured products -yes, but immediate or proximate diseases. Not the cause but the consequence -why Europeans rather Africans/Native Americans? Why is it wherever humans show up that big animals disappear Possible explanation: Overkill (“blitzkrieg”) Theory How? Humans look harmless!! (nothing to scare off bigger animals) But we have: -weapons -fire (habitat change) -much experience hunting large species in other continents -the reason there are still large animals in Africa is because they co-evolved with human beings Arguments for Blitzkrieg Scenario -following human arrival, Megafauna (MF) disappeared -everywhere -in all habitats -North America discoveries of kill sites (mastodon/mammoth) -Cuba, MF survived until humans showed up (took humans a while to find) -Disappearance of lesser species can result from
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