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Lecture 4

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Pierre Desrochers

10/1 lecture 4 ggr329 Farmers include managing the gatherings (where as gatherers just pick up what they do) Bushman Video -clicks may ancesteral sounds -humans come from the San Bushman Hunter-Gatherers vs farmers -ate better -worked less -were taller -and perhaps taller Thus Diamond argued hunter-gatherers were better off than farmers Life expectancy at birth -preagriculture – 26 years old Post agriculture was 19 years old Why agriculture –bad for health 1. Diet (cheap calories, but poor nutrition) - H-G had varied diet -early farmers: 1 or few starchy crops 2. greater risk of starvation if crop failure 3. crowding: spread of parasites and infectious diseases BUT BACKLASH… (H-G) -very low birthrate -high death rate (40% children died < 15) -infanticide and senilicide -very high homicide rate -life expectancy (20 < x<29) -yes there are agricultural diseases but there are also non agricultural diseases (that are related to H-G) especially Hunters -zoonoses (infections transmitted to humans by wild animals or their parasites) when skinning an animal or stuff like that H-G populations stable because -meagerness of resources -low fat intake Might have resulted in low birth rate and spontaneous abortions -if not enough access to nutrition then^ Modern population explosion occurred despite rapid decline in fertility -explanation: rapidly falling death rate Bushmen small stature -might be result of malnutrition -rathan genetic disposition -CH. 4 Schemati
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