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Gabrielle Sauter

About me Field work in India and uruguay IIED* Objective of the Course Relationship between the environment and devleopment is the key Key Questions Definition of developed from Berlin convention -environmental issue in the dev. world compared to the rest of the world Course Reading Use recommended readings for the assignment Evaluation Reading test based on article by Ferguson. Do jones article for next weeks reading to give you an idea on what the reading test will look like Midterm exam is going to be based on the lectures, tutorials, and readings and the videos Mc, fill in the blank, short answer Overarching themes Make sure to define them!!! (text book. Check glossary) Know all thre 3 definitions of power from the text book (chapter notes highlighted) Representation is the different ways objects are defined or given symbols. Meanings are socially constructed, they are not static. Meanings are shared. Meanings may become widespread. Discourse: simply means language. Conversation. Way to communicate. But in the book discourse is us
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