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Gabrielle Sauter

Lecture 2 Representation Some terms used to develop the South. Need to understand how to use these words properly Many of these words are troublesome because of representations that stick with them and the ideas that come along with these words Dominant Narratives The south from the northern persepctive is the most dominant perspective and is the story most often told. The dangers of “one story” The South from the North 1. -Not all of the south is the same -”othering”: western experience is at the center. And everything else outside of that is considered exotic or different 2. Nobel Savage. Often documentated them as close to nature, simple, naïve, honest. -provided justification for Europeans to ‘civilize’ the socieites 3. A third representation of the south from the north -video shows them as sad and poor. And of need of help and in need of development. It jsutifies the North aiding the south but in creating these sorts of representations there are some dangers involved with that including removing the agency of people. It assumes they need us. Ignores all of the structural isseues behind The other picture shows the shift in advertising that shows that they are not jus tin need and can help themselves 4. 3 threats 1. Overpopulation and the depletion of resources. Ecological threats. Mass immigration. Remittances. 2. Disease. Get blamed for swine flu, malaria, HIV/aids 3. Conflict 3 key people to note Malthus, Paul Ehrlich (neo-malthusian), Meadows who wrote “the Limits of growth” -we should worry about our own consumption rate since we consume more than a smaller developing world The South from the South The ways in which the south views itself. One way is traditional and moral -the south sees the north as immoral -a way to attract foreign investment -alternative development programs. -Cuba and venezuala (see textbook notes) Video about Cuba: When the soviets pulled out then Cuba was on the brink. Cuba didn’t have enough food. When the soviets were overthrown and the berlin wall taken down the old food system was taken down which consisted of the USSR buying sugar cane at high prices and then Cuba importing food from USSR allies. Had to move to urban agriculture. Everyone growing food in their back yards and on their roofs and anywhere. Now e
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