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Lecture 3

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Gabrielle Sauter

Lecture 3 Livelihoods and inequalities todays world can be traced to wider historical contexts -many in the Global South depend on primary production (ex. fishing. GET MORE EXAMPLES. chapter 9/10 in the book Williams) Understanding hoe ppl make a living -difference between Neoclassical and structural approaches neo classic approach is the focus on the market dricing it. whereas structural is based on the system pg 213-214 of the textbook. details on the holistic models. including informal activities, donations between family members, household work, multiple livlihoods, community work. **** IMPORTANT FOR THE TEST!!!!!! LOOK UP MORE INFO ON NEOCLASSICAL AND STRUCUTRLA APPROACHES Differences in work experiences differences in work expereinces depend on what you are on that list. -depends on how societies see it child labor can be good or bad. question of exploitatiion. part of the house home income may be necessary -scoietal roles determine what females can do. thus often involved in more hosuehold needs -inability to regulte migrant workers. because they dont have citizenship they are not able to get some social services Migration -inability to regulte migrant workers. And because they dont have citizenship they are not able to get some social services -ferguson states that it is not overpopulation that leads to migration but that migration is due to people seraching for better economic situation-no access to scoial security -migrants can face disrcrimination -strain or breakups of families -migrants with limited resources enter specfic industries (EPZs (export processing zones), tourism construction, shipping, mines) -many Haitians moe to dominican republic to work in consturction due to tourism boom in Dominan republic -remittances come because of this (WB estimates remittances at 1/3 of aid going to developing coutnries) The Road to profress: Key Q last two will be
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