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Lecture 4

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Gabrielle Sauter

Lecture 4 Logistics focus on pp 99-105 in Adams of ch.4 (from recommended readings. go to it) Dissecting sustainable development NEGATIVES -assuming we know the future needs in the future. assuming that undev. nations have the same needs as dev. nations. -limits growth -public and private secotrs can use it anyway they want because of the loose definition Positives -brought it to the front in international politics -provides a compatible language between different actors -contrasting to the last point for negatives: there is no simple single meaning of ‘sustainable dev’: a wide range of diff meanings are attached to the term. Far from making the phrase useless, it is precisely because of its ability to host divergent ideas that sustainable dev. has proved to be so useful, and has become do dominant -fuses the dieas of environemnet and devlopment there is still a huge rift between the two in terms of theory and practive -ideological componenet: mainstream position that problems that can be solved by technolgoy. -alternative argument:what is the good life Global Enviornmnetalism: A history hunters killed alot of the game. so this eld to the creation of preservation areas colonial science of ecology: population studies, econsystems. privded important info in the 70's The spirit of Stockholm Stockholm conference (1972) 1. as a result of the conf. the UN enviro porgram was set up 2. first big conference on evniro issues -big divide in ideas between North and SOuth. North feared of incrasing pops in the south causing enviro degredationa nd in the south feared that their growth would be limited -emphasis on solving enviro issues while continuing economic growth 1. tech means 2. rational planning 3. intergrative management World Conservation Strategy (WCS) - document is precursor of later reports like Brudntland. -here it tries to revive the excitement of the Stockholm conference but it failed (Rio did it) -UN enviro here. Rio was UN general assembly thus greater pull Our common future -links between humans and enviro more clear -dev. as potenetial to hurt the enviro -poverty: cause AND effect of enviro issues
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