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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Grace Barakat

Lecture 2 The new role of „place‟ 1.) Experience to what a place incurred on individuals (what was perceived) 2.) People started recognizing that these factors have affects on people · For some, certain landscapes of the spare (or therapeutic) 3.) Researchers were able to employ that special notion of awareness · Positivist approach (quantitative) approach – were able to use it through quantitative research methods · Legitimized their role of place in this research · Were able to technically integrate it into their research and find affected results The role of theory - There are social, economic factors for theoretical health geography - Because it was relatively new, theories were borrowed and reshaped - People interested in health geography worked with numbers to apply them to the position and perspective of their own research - Using gender theory à why did that occur? What are the reasons behind them? - Economic perspective à social economic status and health implications The role of theory (cont‟d) - There was an acknowledgement that there was a gap underlying risk (disease, illness and injury) - Developed the theory of risk compensation · If an individual feels that they do not have an illness, they engage in risk because they feel that they are “protected from it” · i.e. UAE example – individuals wearing seatbelts in a car with airbags were more likely to speed - Equality/ inequality and end exclusion/ inclusion à came from the redistributionist/welfarist approach -Structure and agency dynamic à linked together many theoretical approaches, the impact of agency… they worked together towards one cause · Agency à power of the people, structure à power of the large companies/corporations (government) · Researchers started recognizing that there are so many different determinants of health - Used longitudinal cohort approach à using cross sectional studies - to address these impacts of health, health outcomes Critical Health Geography - Many researchers were interested of how this translates “on the ground” - Research that has impact on making changes in society (i.e. policies) that can be translated on the ground - Painter à Wrote paper in 2000, followed by another paper in 2003 · States that there were unequal oppressive power relations à we need to be again
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