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Grace Barakat

Social determinants of health: Early life experiences…Social exclusion…Poverty….Discrimination….Control of work….stress from job….Addiction……Accessibility to food, jobs Movie Screening #1: Glasgow Project Scope: Urban environment planning to tackle the major issues of the areas in most need, a housing complex in Glasgow that is run down, unsafe and needs major physical improvements Approach/Methodology: they incorporated the community into the planning process by allowing them to take pictures and explain what they needed to have done- roads, schools, green space for children to play, anything they saw that needed to be addressed. Bottom- up control rather than having someone from the city who has no idea what it is like to interact with that environment making decisions (top-down) Outcome: · Top-down effect does not work at this level, focus on the community and their own experiences · Long term development plans- light/unwelcoming train station/ green space for children/ better access to food and jobs _________________________________________________________________ Movie Screening #2: Copenhagen- Drug Addiction Main Health Issues: Social isolation leading to drug use/ Accessibility to drugs within the community Scope: · Drug use= important because life expectancy of these youth who possess individual talents (as seen in the movie) are effected, shortened. Methodology: · In house (U-Turn) counselling · Provided outlet for drug users t speak on their issues and root causes of their addiction · Provided a creative outlet for them · Did not force their program on any of the users- voluntary · Brought in parents as a tactic to show support, uplift their spirits Conclusions/Outcomes: · Reduction/complete soberness (75%) success rate
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