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Lecture 2

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Grace Barakat

Week 2 Reading #1: The concept of health -many ways to define health -the definition of helath is relative to the context in which it arises. That is, how the concept will be defined will depend on who is doing the defining, why they are defining it, and the setting which they are operating Reading #2: Producing health, consuming health care -modern societies devote a very large proportion of their economic resources to the production and distribution of health care -health care is reactive in nature -much more to health than simply a collective of negatives – a state of not suffering from any designated undesirable condition -the first and simplest stage defines health as an absence of disease or injury and takes as central the relation between health and health care. Sort of a simple feedback model -level of response is determined by the “access” to care that a particular society provides for its members -evolution from the simple healthcare and disease model to a more holistic and complete model that includes social environment, economic factors physical environment, genetic endowment, mental well- being, perceptions of health, and of course health care and disease -society that spends so much on health care that it cannot or will not spend adequately on other health- enhancing activities may actually be reducing the health of its population. The health of individuals and populations is affected by their health care, but also by other factors as well. Expansion of the health care system uses up resources that would otherwise be
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