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Lecture 3

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Grace Barakat

Week 3 readings Reading #1: Addressing the social determinants of health in Canada: Bridging the gap between research findings and public policy -while there has been profound improvement in health in industrialized nations over the past century, wide disparities in population health continue to exist between nations and among citizens within nations -the weight of the evidence indicates that social determinants of health (1) have a direct impact on health of individuals and populations, (2) are the best predictors of individual and population health, (3) structure lifestyle choices, and (4) interact with each other to produce health -Canada one of the World Leaders in Public Health policy -difficulties in implementing policies requiring intersectoral action as well as longer time frames to assess effectiveness. Social determinants of health thinking require various ministries to co-ordinate policy making and implementation -problem is rivalrys, territorial jealousy, and competition for funding -Canadians continue to be told that lifestyle choices are both a threat to and the salvation of their health. What is not mention is that the evidence for this contested and that biomedical interventions and lifestyle choices are small factor in whether individuals stay healthy or become ill. -easier to create policy that helps lifestyle changes than changing socio-economic structure -the decline of the social welfare state in Canada and elsewhere is driving neo-liberal approaches to federal and provincial policy making that fundamentally conflict with strengthening the social determinants of heath -argued that the powerful forces associated with economic globalization of capital are systematically dismantling the welfare state -Nations such as Sweden and Finland are not as wealthy as Canada but have for years, systematically incorporated thinking about the social determinants of health into their national policy agendas -aim to promote better working conditions, decrease social inequality, counteract discriminations, improve conditions for children and young people, and improve the physical environment (to name some) -The targets are formulated in terms of the determinants of health and very thorough work has been carried out in order to achieve consensus of and raise political support for the targets -Basically, Canada needs to support the social determinants of health, as Finaldo and Sweden have done. Maybe difficult as it goes against neoliberal strategies of today and globalization. Other problems include intersectoral competition Reading #2: Life Course Health Development: An Integrated framework for developing Health, policy, and research -LHCD defined as: a lifelong adaptive process that build and maintains optimal functional capacity and disease resistance -LCHD Framework shows: -health is a consequence of multiple determinants operating nested genetic, biological, behavioral, social, and economic contexts that change as a person develops -health development is an adaptive process -different health trajectories are the product of cumulative risk and protective factors and other influences that are programmed into biobehavioral regulatory systems during critical and sensitive periods -timing and sequence influence the health and development of both individuals and populations -our efforts to reduce health disparities can no longer be confined nly to providing better access and more resources to address the needs of the underserved. We not understand that we must address the underlying social factors that determine these health disparities, including differences in income, employment benefits, and even the very quality of family and social relationships -the most recent dynamic contextual developmental models combine gene transactions, changes in social context, and environmental and biological factors to trace the effect of the timing of developmental events on developmental trajectories -that is, how genes are expressed determined by a person’s particular, physical, psychological, and social environment -converged around several key points -importance of embedding: embedding is the process by which experiences are programmed into the structure and functioning of biological and behavioral systems -the role of risk and protective factors -the developmental si
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