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Grace Barakat

April 4 1. In the Anthony & Elliot (20001) reading a. What would “ideal” health care provision look like and how does it differ between developed vs developing countries? i. Geographic variations impacts provision ii. iii. Often there is a mismatch between “need” and “provision” (inequity). More specifically people who need access to specific resources are unable to because of economic, social, and other reasons iv. Should be efficient (maximize the health benefit while you minimize the cost). Should be effective (should demonstrate real benefits). Should be equitable (should be provided uniformly to the populations they are designed to serve) v. [very end of the article] Develo1ping world (there is a greater emphasis on absolute service provision rather than targeting low income deprived groups. Also greater emphasis on primary care. Concentration of services in urban centers) vs developed world (focus on low income/ deprived groups, geographical distance constrains access, financial barriers are more pronounced, especially in the US) vi. Know the difference between primary, secondary, and tertiary 2. ICES reading a. What are the pros and cons to health care provisions in Ontario b. Pros: i. Biggest pro. In Ontario specif
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