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GGR333 Lecture 2: Transportation Historically, 3 main forms of migration… 1. Elite migrations a. From core to periphery of empires in acts of conquest and conversion followed by settlers; 2. Elite & mass migrations a. To imperial cores & cities from hinterlands and countryside in search of work; 3. Expansion & contraction of nomadic societies a. Most of these have been regional in scope, though i. Early Islamic ii. later Mongol Empires 1. had global reach Cities & Economic Development - Agglomeration economies/division of labour o “necessarily the man who spends all his time and trouble on the smallest task will do that task the best” (Xenophon) - Knowledge spillovers & trust o Knowledge developed to solve problems in one particular line of work helps to solve problems in other lines of work o Word used in one context can be completely different in another o Cross-fertilization of ideas across lines of work but also within the same line of work; having different people who specialize in different - Transportation hub - Concentrated markets Transportation systems: - Means by which o Materials o Products o Other tangible entities (including people) - Are transferred from place to place - Medium(s) o Land o Water o Air Land transportation (up to 19 C) - Average overland horse speed ~ 8-15 km/h (comparable to maritime transportation) - Pack horse ~ 125 kg, camel ~ 200 kg - 16 C: England, stage coach ~ <5 km/h; - 18 C: Moving 1 ton of cargo (50 km) inland in US ~ as costly as moving it across the Atlantic Bottom Line: th - Before 19 C o Long-distance trade limited o Cities < 20 km o Trade in perishable commodities < 50 kms o Emphasis: high-value & non-perishable goods  Spices,  Silk  Perfume  Precious metals, jewellery  Salt, grains, olive oil, wine (Mediterranean)  Grain, salt, wine, wool, timber & stone (Hanseatic League) o Silk route In time… GGR333 - Railway & steamship (Suez & Panama) - Commercial jet aircraft - Containerization ~ Dramatic decline - Time & relative cost of moving o Materials o Products o People Lecture 3 Bulk shipping – big ships that you fill with: - Petroleum - Grain - Cement - Coal - Etc. - Not one big storage space, bunch of tanks isolated from one another Oil tankers Ultra Large Crude Carrier RORO vessels – move cars between different parts of the world (roll on/roll off) LOLO vessels (break off) – lift on/lift off Break bulk shipping – made up of a lot of little things Containerization: Advantages - Downward arrows o Transportation costs o Time - Enhanced reliability - Reduced pilferage and theft - Slashed insurance prices Containerization: Benefits - Increase in volume of international trade - Creation of complex o “just in time” supply & manufacturing chains o Built around geographically dispersed production of intermediary goods - Rapid industrialization of China - Significant decline in price of consumer goods Air cargo: - Highly valuable - Highly perishable Envirotrainer Container RKN-LD-3: - Temperature controlled (smaller) container - Thermostat-controlled heat exchanger with dry ice as refrigerant - Compatible with trucks Transport Networks & Diseases - Infectious disease pandemics - Vector invasion events - Vector-borne pathogen importation GGR333 Lecture 4: The Battle of Ideas, 1 Economists’ Critique - Because of o Incentive problem o Not part of larger division of labour - Islands of socialism = islands of misery - [Only exceptions are religious communities or very small group (<150)] The Case for Central Planning - Production for use instead of profits o Rationalize production o Increase productivity o End struggles between rich/poor o Eliminate waste Communist Party  Gosplan  Ministries  Directors Mises’ Critique of Socialism - Traditional critique of socialism: o Incentives
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