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GGR365 UTM March 17 Lecture Notes

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(March 17, 2011) Trade in 19 century Europe -Metropole The seat of powertrade for European states with colonies (ex: LondonParis) -Shocks after 1780 which overturned metropole systm: first an economic shock (industrial revn), militarypolitical shock, independence movements (American revn), and the end of the slave TRADE in 1807 although slavery itself wasnt abolished. -French didnt abolish slave trade until 1848 but unlike other countries, they outlawed slaveryslave trade at the same time. -1815-1914 period was different economically than before because of a growing asymmetry of trade which was associated with political asymmetry. -Mercantilism is accompanied by military conflict which was expensive leading to a fiscal money crisis with political consequences for Europeans (US War of Independence leading to more taxation in Britain and American revolutionaries got loans from France which werent paid back). -French revneconomic crisis 1789. -1793 Napolean becomes military leader and French army general. Becomes French consul (dictator) in 1798 military coup. -Napolean used aggressive military action
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