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Lecture 1 ggr378 Five Fundamental Concepts* 1.Hazards can be understood through scientific analysis. Scientific understanding of Earth processes Mapping Modeling Monitoring Hazard assessment Measuring magnitude Prediction, forecasting * Based on Keller et al., 2012, Natural Hazards 2.An understanding of hazardous processes is vital to evaluating risk. Hazard, risk, and vulnerability Risk involves probability – when, where, and potential for exposure and impacts; costs Vulnerability is a property of an individual, a property, or a population Social and economic factors affect risk and vulnerability Impacts – primary, secondary, tertiary 3.Hazards are commonly linked to each other and to the environment in which they occur. Cause-and-effect Triggers Complex and cascading events 4.Population growth and socio-economic changes are increasing the risk from natural hazards. Role of environmental change Role of human activities Role of population distribution Anthropogenic vs. natural disasters Damage and loss of life from natural disasters can be reduced. Integrated approach to disaster management Disaster planning and preparedness Early warning Public education Insurance Institutional and humanitarian response Natural Hazards: Risk and Vulnerability Overview of Natural Disasters & Catastrophes Cost, Frequency, Trends Basic Concepts Hazard, Risk & Vulnerability Assessment & Management Multi-Risk Analysis UNISDR: Some New(-ish) Approaches Role of Science in Natural Disaster Management Disaster Disaster: Refers to a particular level of impact resulting from a hazardous event “A [disaster is a] serious disruption of the functioning of a community or a society causing widespread human, material, economic, or environmental losses which exceed the ability of the affected community or society to cope using its own resources.” – U.K. NDMA (now called UK Resilience) Catastrophe Catastrophe: A disaster of extraordinary magnitude Extreme, widespread injury and dama
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