Lecture 2 notes

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9 Jan 2011
GGR 208- LECTURE 2 16.09.2010
Philosophical beginnings:
-evidence: two similar environments but diff cultures
-bias must not be evident through personal ideas
-focus on analysis and empirical measurement of facts, theories, ideas must occur to
determine what happens on a broader scale
Marx-Marxism, social conflict theory (inequality/ environmental degregation)
-goes back to positivism
-human behaviour is constrained by economic resources and thus the society splits into
classes and upper class becomes more dominant and controls resource allocation for lower
-at some point there is a progressive anx among worker class and thus revolt might occur
Geographic concepts
-Space is an absolute concept and
-Relative space: socially produced (subjective view) and subject to change
-location: absoluteie. Latitude and longitude
-relative location: ie. where the classroom is in relative to the cafeteria etc
- human activity defines the spaces (emotional association based on individual experience)
-Placelessness: same experience with it like any other place, (no uniqueness)
-Regionalization is becoming connected to globalization
-distance decay: intensity decreases with distance
-Graph: communication is decayed as contacts move further in geographical locations, as
shown on facebook and emails.
-Diffusion: movement of political and social ideas, also wipe out of land use.
Obesity trends (photos):
-over the years, rates has grown and some areas are affected more
Geo concepts (contd):
-discourse: constructed by people in power and those that are marginalized cannot
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