lecture 8 notes

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9 Jan 2011
Language and landscape:
-Places are named to increase knowledge and decrease uncertainty about a place
Place names:
-two parts to a name: generic and..
Renaming places:
-sometimes to re-establish power (mostly is post-colonial areas)
Exonym, Endonym :
-i.e. Bombay is exonym (what outsiders call it) and Mumbai is endonym (what natives call it)
-Although women are the biggest followers of worship but not necessarily worship figures
Ethnic religions:
-i.e. Hinduism – although not all Hindus are the same
-not actively seeks converts
-Judaism is the 1
monotheism religion
Universalizing religions:
-Buddhism (1
religion to actively recruit), Chr istians, Islam
Sacred spaces:
-Holy lands based on where religion was conceived or t he person initiating the religion lived for
their daily l ife.
Types of societies:
-Feudalism, Capitalism and socialism
-Affects how things (economic and social organization) develop.
-Set up by people in authority (i.e. passing down of property from kind to lords etc).
-Capitalism: social hierarchy, established by division of labour, class based society, working
lower class fuel upper class.
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