GGR208H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: One-Child Policy, Thomas Robert Malthus, Environmental Degradation

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Published on 29 Mar 2016
 
 !
 !$%$%
 
 +,-.
 -
)% 
 0%
,$%* .
"1 %%
 2%%3%%
o4)%$  %
% 
2%%5$%% 
 $%-
 
 7)
 89
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Document Summary

Looking at permanent residences as a formal populaion strategy: part of migraion strategy. Diicult to become a permanent resident in canada: pr process facilitates success. Current populaion management deald with primarily two things: migraion, aging populaion. Populaion change is felt disproporionally at diferent levels, local, naional etc. Formal populaion management us government policy and programs controlling the distribuion density and composiion of human populaions. Rapid expansion of global populaion in the 20th century. Thomas malthus 18th century theorists: believes earth will not be able to sutain the increase in populaion. Populaion increases at a greater rate than subsistence. There is a shit in populaion growth across the globe: from core to periphery. Populaion increases combined with industrializaion: causes major climate change. In 1980 (around the ime onechild policy implemented) poulaiton was at 1 billion. Goal was to have a populaion of only 1. 2 billion in 2000. In 2012 1. 35 billion was the populaion, goal was not quite met.

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