GGR252H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Distance Decay, Land Values, Voronoi Diagram

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10 Aug 2016
GGR 252 Lecture Notes 5 4th
February 2008
Introduction Organization and Theme
Why study Marketing Retailing
Economic Importance
Sectoral Change
Urbanized Society
Trade areas Analysis
- identifying / defining area
- level of market, buyable or not
- expansion of operation
- max market, the location is crucial
- site selection
- techniques, all model have assumptions associated with.
1.) Spatial Monopoly
- assumption
- single facility / spatial monopoly
- equal travel opportunity, no barriers, physical terms
- even distribution population / characteristics, no variation of income, age, ethnic,
- similar product store mix, market strategy, same stores same product same
1.) Distance Isochrones
- supermarket, drug stores, shopping centre, LCBO
- everyone in that particular area will go to the stores
- Most important variable is distance
2.) Thiessen Polygon
- distance is key @ Map A
3.) Converse Breakpoint @ Map B
- measure of attraction
- more stores, more people, more parking space
- only variation is SIZE, it does not argue the differences of product and market
- SIZE of facility
- larger shopping centre have more people --> crowd
- more parking space --> shuttle bus, end of the day, many people
Defining the population, income determined the amount of sales
Trader line cut the census tract line, so you have to find how much info you like to
add in your total
- centroid method, identity a presume centre of a census tracts
- grid method
Evaluation of Assumption/methods
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find more resources at
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