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Lecture 11

GGR333H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Multinational Corporation, Energy Returned On Energy Invested, 2Degrees

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Pierre Desrochers

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Lecture #11
News & Current Events
- Kinder Morgan Pipeline
o Major pipeline expansion through this route the problem is that the pipeline isn’t
big enough
o They have all this supply that they want to export, but don’t have the infrastructure
to reach their demand
o They want to expand these pipelines to increase the volume in which they can ship
oil out to export
o The moving of oil using pipeline technology
- Rio Tinto
o Just pulled out of the coal sector
o It’s important because of the economics of coal,
o Increasing pressure within and without the corporation to change
o It’s a transnational corporation they determine the scale and configuration an
economic activity will be
- A Venezuelan oil embargo
o Venezuela has the largest oil reserve in the world right now it’s faced a series of
o Oil production in Venezuela is limited due to production issues and because it can’t
get the necessary parts to fix their existing manufacturing due to these sanctions
o Most of their economy depends on oil
o Restricting oil coming out of Venezuela causes their prices to be higher this
makes US oil excavation profitable and worthwhile while oil prices are high this
is why the US wants to embark on this embargo
- Trans mountain decision
o The dispute between Alberta and BC
o Governance competing regional governments over a pipeline
o Commerce of oil the issue is the pipeline itself
- Banks boost lending
o Larger-scale participation of shareholders to divest in fossil fuels
o Major financial companies have increased financing in these industries
- Shell faces shareholder push
o Shell needs to reform their operations based on global warming
o Energy ethics how should we proceed as companies/individuals about climate
- Anti-pipeline campaigners
o Might change how society sees climate change and climate change campaigners
Required Reading: Assessing the Environmental and Health Impact
- First slide giving examples of different scales
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