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GGR353H5 Lecture Notes - Health Promotion, Structuration Theory, Class Conflict

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Caroline Barakat

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Lecture outline
Theory in traditional medical Geo
Theory in new geo of health
Role of place
Critical health geo
Traditional medical Geo
Curtis and Taket (1996)- 2 res who were interested in this topic as
they were concerned with medical geo
1.-spatial variation of health
2.-health variations of healthcare- care or cure or treatment of ill
health, disease prevention, and health promotion- equity and
-interaction btw health and health services
-Kearns R.A(1993)- „place and Health: Towards a reformed medical Geo”.
he spoke of several things regarding the traditional idea of health
-„engagement with public health concerns and aspects of social theory‟
-link btw places and health we need to take a deeper look with in this topic,
( places contain meanings)
Kearns( 1993) exerts from his paper
- “a preoccupation with spatial relationships btw indv. Places and
insinuations, rather than with the health-related characteristics of place
-“maintained a detached perspective in analyzing the links btw health and
-“has neither been adequate analysis to the role of health or in contributing
to the experience of place, nor has there been sufficient work in health
services research that has adopted a place- centered theoretical perspective
-Entrikin (1991): “lies somewhere btw the subjectivity of experience of place
and the knowledge of place as an object”
New Conceptual models of Health
- ideas of health rather than medicine focuses on treatment

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- socio- ecological model- interactive set of relationships btw a population
and their social, cultural, and physical environment focuses on
*”Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well- being and
not merely the absence of disease or infirmity ( this explains that you don‟t
have to be just one or the other, everything else has an impact on the
individual so to be healthy you have to be mentally, socially, and physically
From treatment to prevention
“reorientation towards health and away from curative medicine
converges on place, a key geographical concern”
i) Planned Home Birth- family centered event, empowering, satisfying,
partner presence, healthy experience;
ii) primary Health Care- bringing health care into small communities
(Maori); contributes to the health of the place as well as the population
- Health- related rather than medical concerns”, leading to two streams:
medical Geo- involve spatial and ecological perspective on diseases
and health care delivery
Geo of health- considers the dynamic relationship btw health and
“place and location” i.e. interpreting health experience with as well
as analyzing data in order to integrate the issue of place, identity
and health into medical geo
the environment has an impact on the envi
Transitioning to Health Geo
-Kearns (1995(- “stirring the water of formerly well defined routes of
-although no self- consciously post modern medical geo has emerge; post-
modern consequences‟ are beginning to be evident in the field‟
-recognition of difference
- recognition that heatlh…….
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