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Lecture 8

HIS101H5 Lecture 8: The Mediterranean

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Mairi Cowan

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Thursday, October 30, 2014
HIS101 Week 8 Lecture Notes
The Mediterranean
-centre of the discipline of classics
-greeks, rome
-the journal of Phoenix shows that classics is inter discipline of study
-art, literature, history, philosophy
-these articles link together classics
-study of the civilization of greek and rome
-cultural heritage in artechiculture
- Ex- US supreme court
-EX- Canada
-the language we use for political come from greek
-politics, democracy, education, academic
-the buildings are gothic
-socratic method = answer question method
-odyssey = illusion to ancient Greece
-much of modern culture originates there
-closer to the middle east you would have more in common
-there is cultural unity
-Roman Empire, Archie Empire
-past the mediterranean sea joined people together more than it separated them
-like the atlantic world
-creates pleasant unity of study
-in the premodern world, the mediterranean brought ppl together
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Thursday, October 30, 2014
-we know less about them compared to classical
-important traders
-skilled saillers
-connection various places together
-levant were first present in eastern mediterranean
-canaanites were a larger group
-not a empire
-chain of united towns in the eastern mediterranean
-had large populations
-enjoyed commercial contact
-showed themselves to different cultural influences
-EX- bronze figure
-prayers written in both language and writing
-they also worshipped them
-they controlled much of the trade when they came into power
-expanded trade in west
-shared a common language which came from a older form
-the individual people were ethically mixed
-came other asian and mediterranean group
-terracotta figure, statuette of pregnant women, statuette of child (discovered in a
healing places, thinking god for healing the child)
-they were specialized in jewellery
-like cosmetic Box and inlaid panel
-surface had gold and inside it had jewels
-traded gold earnings and cup
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