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Lecture 9

HIS101H5 Lecture 9: Ethiopia

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Mairi Cowan

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Thursday, November 6, 2014
HIS101 Week 9 Lecture Notes
-Mercator projection
gives the size of Africa
Gall-Peters projection
-Africa has the smallest history
-scholars said that their is a shortage of written material of african history
-non-traditional sources like oral, art, genetics
rich people are uninterested in these sources
these sources are written by people who are travelling
these are travellers account
-long history
-history of great diversity
-kingdom of Aksum
-imperia government
-own king who ruled over the people
-included the african kingdom
-reached across the red sea
-tombs of the kings are decorated t
-city has good access to agriculture, fresh water, trade routes
-linked through many countries
-exported invry, monkeys, slaved
-imported glassware, iron, weapons, olive oil, wine
-kingdom had its own coins
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Thursday, November 6, 2014
-copper and silver coins were widely used for local exchanges
-the gold coins were rarely find
-the gold coin was used for longest trade among places
-there is scripture on the gold coin in greek
-2 Examples shown in class of coins
-same king
-both depicted as god
-the first one- symbol of disk and crescent
-the second one- has a cross
-refer to christianly in Ethiopia
-the king converted to Christianity
-first states to become christians
-christianly had several features
-have to do with how christianly got there
-some evidence believe that there were first conversations in Ethiopia
-traders on the red sea- the nine saints translated Christianity to greek
-people community still follow traditions of christianly
-they practice jewish traditions
-Christianity has been long judadic
-monolithic churches
-no exact date
-continuing indigious christian religion
-the scale of the church is impressive
-the artechture was amazing
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