HIS230H5 Lecture Notes - Gift Economy, Early Christianity, Mortality Rate

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9 Feb 2013

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Tuesday September 11, 2012- Introduction to European History 1300-1815
- Difficult to get to Asia from Europe. Asia home to commodities Europe wanted
- Travel within Europe; there were roads (some of them Roman roads preserved) but travel time
on the roads was slow.
o Travel by water was faster and more reliable. Most transportation was on waters
- Pockets of Europe remained untouched because of the bad land
o Some parts of EU were good for mining
o Most was used for farming and agriculture
- Few regions capable of supporting large cites
- 1300 population of EU at greatest height, 75 million people in western EU
o Between 1000-1300 population doubled/tripled, has to due largely to change in climate
(temperature climbing)
o 90% of these people lived in the country side, lived directly off the land
o Slowly people moving from the countryside to the city; trend of urbanization
o Towns on coasts or water ways
Biggest city in EU was probably Constantinople
o Urbanization south of Italy, Spain, up in the northwest south of England (parts of
Netherlands, Belgium) , shift from the medieval period with urbanization in north
- Towns were distinct from countryside, characterized by the occupations, majority of people of
living off the land
o Some towns had walls around them; walls useful to regulate who got to do commerce in
that town because you HAD to be a citizen of the town in order to do commerce, if not,
you had to pay a high fee
o Houses occupied by more than one family
- Towns were dangerous places and there was a lot of pollution
o Mortality rate was always higher than the birth rate
o Had to pass laws to keep everything in order
- Shift in wealth and power
- Medieval EU: wealth and power came from land holding; an agricultural society
o 3 Changes: Commerical Revolution
Beginning to shift to an economy that relied on commerce and trade through
Human imagination; development of sophisticated procedures related to trade.
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