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Essay write opening statement short paper “this is the issue this is the interpretation
of it this is what this paper is going to how 2-3 sentences”.
Crimeean war 1854 55
-remember straights crimrea has ports
Artic ocean ports only open 6 weeks of the year..russia wants to control that area to get
more ports not only open for 6 weeks
19th century Victorian
Marx transition to modern era legislation of health
Victorians little wars idea of after napoleon and viena congress everything was
peaceful was not true Britain was not peaceful expanding empire imperialism
Crimean war most famous of queen victora b/c conducted with bigheaded of military is
capable of 600 horsemen charged into Russian cannons and only 120 survived
horses starved rotton harbour horses ate tails of each other
Nurse nightengale 250 000 soliders died in Crimean war more 60% died of disease
not war
Crimean war first war correspondent russel something newspaper reports
Nightingale fund nurses training school nightingale school of nursing legimatize
nursing and make it valuable she collected statistics of health and sanitiaton of british
army in india and Egypt
Ottoman empire is weakning balkins area which becomes yogoslavia turkey having
problems controlling their ppl
Russia saw this weakning as a great opportunity take over turkey more control of
straights and access to meditrerian year round
Britain its really important to them Britain had favour trading status prospect of
Russia shipping in meditraint is a challenge to british navy british navy controlled
eastern medidteran Britain and france nervous if Russia gets that area dont wnt that
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