22 May 2011
HIS261 lecture 2 Jan 12th 2009
Post-Cartier fishery
Quebec is still where it was. No formal French activities 1540 -1600 but growing commercial
fishery. French king can obtain the land but not the ocean. The fisher men include Portuguese
Spanish and English etc.
Green fishery- fish preserved with salt (salt pre-loaded on board).
Alternative is dry fishery- land somewhere, dry the fish and then sailing back with dried fish,
advantage is carry more fish, the significance is that therere people going offshore to dry the
These are industrial fishing, financed by entrepreneurs. Not much involvement with the native
Why Europeans want furs? Using for felt (felt hats). Furs came from the animals native people
Champlain founds Quebec 1608
Dozens of boats were in contact with native people to trade furs. Competitive; therefore, the
French King decided to regulate.
French king gave de Monts the monopoly or legal rights to do the fur trading in st. Lawrence.
1608 Champlain decided to tell de Monts that he decided to settle after discovered that the
Uroquan people had left. This is the beginning of the founding of “Canada-the area of Quebec”
based on fur trade settlement. Champlain made alliance with Algonkin native people, the
consequences of the alliance are that 1) enemies are made with such as the Uroquan people. 2)
Huron are in alliance with the Algonkin, therefore, Champlain automatically is in alliance with
the Huron people.
Jesuits and Ste Marie among Huron
In addition to the profitability of fur trade, it is the spreading of Christian gospel. In 1615 the
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