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Red River Rebellion, Metis

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Fraser Mc Kee

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Trouble in the west
10 terms- pick 5 or 10 minutes per responce, so a paragraph per question
Post confederation Canada
Weve constructed a nation in a difficult but rather peacemeal way
British north America act in 1867
How we add chunkc of Canada to this core
Issues in western Canada, where they are the focal point
Two riel rebellions after the leader in 69 and 85
oRed river and northwest rebellions
Provide the Amerindian and westerners in general still have griviances with the
east, and western alienation in Canada
1670 king Charles the 2 grants to entrupenus a huge amount of land to conduct the
fur trade, roughly the sisze of Europe hudsons bay company
These adventurers/entrprenurts are granted all of the land that drains into Hudson
Thousands of aborigional people that lived there, about 50,000
Cree, obijibwa, the sault, cippewa
They encountered trades, trading posts to convince those people to trade their furs at
in the bay
The French are pushing into the same territory from great lakes basin for furs as
well the northwest company
Creating conflicts in the two European companies
The bay company had about 2,000 men who married into native society and
recognized the value of the marrages later than the nw who supported it at the start
Marriages allowed access to the trading network
The Métis people

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A new community of trader and native unions
A new people that play a role in western Canada
Majority were French Canadian native origion
Also English and Scottish as well, but there are fewer because of the bay’s
disapproval of the marriages early on
Roman catholic, buffalo hunters
Carters and suppliers for the fur trade in the west
While the English were protestant, more often to take up farming than the French
Dispite differences they shared community values
Proud of native heritage and that because of that heritage they have the rights to
the land, much of which in control of the bay
A strong sense of identity, a nation.
Refered to themselves as the new nation in the west
But the fur trade doesnt remain dominant many began to realized the west could
be very rich farmland
Advent of European settlement
Lord Selkirk established a European farming settlement sent out Scottish settlers
who had lost their land from conflict and moved to the red river valley, now close to
16,000 square miles is given, now southern Manitoba and what is now northern
Conflict ideals- the bay thinks that at least its british
And the nw company are furious, blame the bay as putting a roadblock for their
company, a deliberate attempt to hurt the nw company, and sends out to destroy the
Bribe settlers to leave to ontatio/upper Canada which fails
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