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The Cold War introduction
Even the countries that were the farthest away from the conflict were affected by those that
were africam, Vietnam
Numerous civil war in Africa
Israli and Palestine was over looked during the cold war, would have been different had the
ussr and us were too busy looking over their shoulders things would have been different.
Controversal at the time and still are now this is a course about thinking, not about what
are you supposed to know parroted back
Please see the syllabus
Note that the readings can be interpreted in many ways
We will bury you
Threatening nuclear aniliation?
But in context its not at all, he was recognizing the constest between the two systems
communism was so superior that with in a generation or two the whole world
would lean into his ideas the archiatic capitalist institutions that would be buried
that caused so much pain to many people
The essay pick one that is covered somewhere in the course, do check the lecture topics,
dont pick a topic too popular such as a Cuban missle crisis, or too small, such as the role of
Iceland in the cold war.
Check the syllabus for the link to the textbook website which has doctuments for interest to
work on a topic dont write an essay on the Korean war, you should choose a focus the
Jan. 27 is the proposal and biblorgaphy
Pick one document (from your bibliography) analyzing the historical context, its importance,
how it should be read
The essay is due in March
Lafeber = American
Zulov= Soviet
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