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aftermath of WWII

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Aftermath of world war 2
Shift to what is going on in Russia and eastern Europe
Peace conference in terhan and yalta and accepted that the soviets woul dkeep the eastern
half of Poland
Chirchill met with stalin in 1944 and made the percentages agreement.
oRussia would have 90% in Rumania, and 75% in Bulgaria
oWhile the allies would influence mostly greece
oThinking in spheres of influence, rosefelt felt it that the nations to be self
indepedant, while chirch believed that there were miliraty influence
See the slides for the red armys advance in 45
How hard and how fast they could reach berlin
oAmerican forces charge and reach berlin first
oWhile esienhower figured that they should hold back, he was aware that the
germans were preparting to do a fight to the death
oSure enough the heaviest fighting in the entire war, and the soviets lost
oEsienhower did not want the same casualties
But it did leave the soviets occupying berlin and most of germany
The Fall of Berlin
oNote the picture there is a soldier with 2 watches, which has become
notorious- it is a soviet soldier that had pillaged and took 2 gold watches
Many soldiers were sent to the gulags for pillaging, arrested for letter that he sent,
including one about the quality of the pencils that soldiers were seizing
Stalin, upset that his people envied the west, sent many into labour camps for
pillaging and commenting on life in the west.
Occupation of germany 1945
See the slide for who occupied where how it was defided

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Berlin was also token up, as some allied soldiers did reach berlin
Was germany to be broken up so that it would not be aggressive again?
Create a new but politically neutral germany, to demilitarize it and have a neutral
foreign policy
But these plans required much discussion with soviets and the allies
The federal republic of germany is the allied side, while the soviet becomes the
german democratic republic
Austria also is divided
What the hell to do with germany
oMake the germans pay
Cash reperations, but the economy was in ruins
oThe soviets would confiscate goods instead, take the facorties, machinery, and
took it back to the soviet union for reconstruction
The city of Dresden being one of them, the eastern half though was more industrial,
so there wasnt that much to take away
Discussion about the form of punishment and repermations
Trying of war criminals and tried by international judges
A unified party of the left small communist party who were hostile to the socialist
party in the 30s.
Stalin said there should be a unification of the parties in the east and west
But the west was like lol no, so only the east germany unified
East Prussia was divded by the soviets and Poland, while Poland did take back some
land taken from germany
5 million germans are evacuated to western germany
Warsaw 1945
Many of the poles were sympathetic to London
The polish underground army worked with London the polish home guard
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