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Changes of leadership to Eisenhower and other crises

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Changes of leadership 1950-55: USA
The marshal plan required that he countries have a free trade policy
Coal and steel funding to help integration
The us strategy tried to rehabilitate germany and japan
oTwo powerhouses that needed to be made the pilliars of their nation but also
make sure they dont rise to the same military power again
The us occupation of japan tried to inculcate democratic values and terms that
Japanese not rearm and have the same force
The us did the same economic aid to germany, but not the same power they had on
They recognized that there needed to be some german presense militarily, france and
britian were a little alarmed NATO was formed- the Russians out, the germans
down, and the Americans in. the us forces would be placed in germany and other
parts of Europe and connected to the alliances intimately
Washington was convinced that colonial system had died and tried to convince the
british to develop a commonwealth
The us was trying to manage a lot at once what would make the west happy
wouldnt make the colonies happy
The us became unconvinced that the colinalis couldnt govern themselves and that
the soviet union would step in to replace the colonial country that left
1951 macarhy speads that the secretary dean achinson is a secret communist and
general marshall is also subversive betraying American interests
1952 election
Eisenhower commander of us forces, commander of NATO forces and presidend of
Columbia university. Hes the eastern wing or the wall street wing republican, they
wanted to engage in Europe, promote American economy
Robert taft, a republican conservative, fiscal and grave misgivings about what
Truman did around the world, opposed NATO and felt its money shouldnt be spent
money on other countries unless there was direct aggression and generally against
foreign aid altogether
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