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The Korean war

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Korean War
Trumans 1948 election
Expected to loose to dewy but had majority vote
The voters also elected democrats into the congress
Dean Acheson as sec. Of state
He was a hard liner, but not hard enough
Advocating much tougher laws on eastern Europe
Paul nitze
Author of the NSC-68 which changed the way American viewed communism
Was a assistant sec. of state
Capable of using bombs against Europe, Russia, Canada, and its own country
the us is weak
othe integrity and vitality of our system is in greater jeporday than ever before
concludes with sayin there are 4 policies that can solve this
the us not worry about the other countries
build the military and economic strength of the free world so to defend themselves against
the free world a rapid building up
new neuclear weapons the hydrogen bomb
military expansion and establishment of us bases through out the world about 3
times of larger than at the time he is writing very expensive,
these recommendations are accepred, taken of over kennans prescription
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