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4 Apr 2012
Lecture 9 Theory and Politics
Synthesize all the lectures and the books. Get to the point of all of them the key thing from each thing,
and pull it all together. Need to demonstrate that you have read the books, do not mean writing a huge
amount but mean the most relevant quotes and ideas from each of the books. The ideal essay will mean you
need to touch on everything, but do not need to emphasize on everything. Do not need secondary sources,
mainly your own insight.
Be more concerned about the four books. A memoir is an autobiographical book, while a novel is a
completely fictional account. Only one of these books is a novel, Funny Boy, is a novel, while the other
three are all memoirs. Funny Boy is based on things that happened in Sri Lanka but still a novel.
Transnational Connections
The experience of diaspora is different for people who move now compared to people who left
“somewhere” in Eastern Europe. There was an absolute desire to cut off the paths there is no
family name and no country. It was possible to cut yourself like that before, but now it is harder to
get rid of the past and move on. There was no desire to keep in touch. Now when people move,
there is so many more ways of staying in touch.
The whole question of keeping in touch with people and what that means has changed radically.
Political scientists talk about the Four T’s” for globalization:
o Travel
o Telecommunications keeping in touch by social media and by phone
o Trade can be both in terms of goods that are being sold and also services
The moment there is a diasporic community, there is a growth of trade
For example, they would trade “nostalgic goods
There are also trades that start in both directions. There can be a set of chains
selling Canadian goods and buying things from back home. Partly because
people sell things where they have contact
It used to be where American was the greatest trading supply for
Canada, however nowadays Canada is now trading with Asia because
there are contacts and the ability to sell things in Asia through personal
o Transfers - question of remittances (money sent back home and sending money to the
family members), as well as transfer of people and knowledge
ODA is political science speech that governments give aid to developing worlds
Foreign direct investments (FDI) mean how much people outside an economy
and country invest into a domestic economy
You end up increasing nutrition, new money for housing and business’s and ends up
stimulating the economy
Direct injections of money into a specific country
More people will become educated at a diaspora space then go home to teach
what they learn. What is now developing is a “brain cycle” where they get
educated, then move and educating themselves and transferring skills and
o Terrorism this “T” is an enormous concern. The question is to what extent does
conflict get imported with diasporic community. We actually do not have good data
around this and therefore everyone is just guessing.
To what extent do we draw on diasporic communities to be involved with
political decisions?
There is not only one community for a specific ethnic Canadian
Most of the Palestinian refugee’s were Lebanon
These kinds of deep paint torts us and we do not grow straight by these complications. It affects
the ways we relate to people in our daily lives.
What does this mean for we as Canadians together, how do we move forward and deal with the
pain and policy making
Can the intervention of the west be useful?
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