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The Mediterranean  Btwn Europe, Africa, Asia  We study it b/c: o Brought in much wider cultural influences o “cradle of Western civilization”  Classics- focuses on Mediterranean  Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans  Phoenicia: name of a color. Name comes from the Greeks. East coast of Med. o Urban culture, lots of trade- dye, timber (cedar) o Exports were very valuable. o City of Carthage- founded 814 BCE by queen Dido o Alphabet: designated one letter for one sound  English comes fstm Phoenicians o Olives: 4000-3000 BCE 1 cultivation (before Pho.) o Pho. spread the cultivation of olives o Grapes: viticulture (growing grapes) – 6000 BCE in Med.  Greece: o Hellenic period  From arrival to conquest of Alexander the Great o Hellenistic period  from A.T.G. to roman conquest  ATG premature death brought chaos  Had a rising middle class
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