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Lecture 11

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History: Lecture 11 East Asia Silk was the most coveted fiber because it was strong, light weight, and extremely beautiful. It’s so coveted as a trade item, that the biggest trade route was named after it; The Silk Road. The Origins of Tea - Tea is made from camellia sinensis - Sinensis suggests it comes from China - Legend: Emperor Shen Nung drank tea and it has become popular since. Tea during the Han Dynasty (202 B.C.E.-220 C.E.) - Inventions from Han Dynasty include paper, tea cups, - Tea cups: indicates plant was found high (Yizhou Hills Tea, Meng Mountain Tea, Wudu Mountain Tea) - “To drink bitter tea constantly makes one think better” (Hua Tuo) - Pressed tea leaves into tea cakes Tea during the Tang Dynasty - Tea was also becoming more firmly established in the culture of China - Tea became established in Persia, etc. - Lu Yu, - Tea picked by hand, ideally by young woman for they were believed to have the most dexterity (Musicians, Tang Dynasty) - The women wore veils, but that meant they couldn’t see each other and therefore they had to sing to each other - Must have clean fingers so they carried pot of water to clean hands or wore silk gloves with tiny slits for nails Tea during the Song Dynasties (960-1279) - Preferred tea in powder form and they would add water and which so the tea would become frothy and white - People enjoyed tea in tea houses - Teahouses became important for business meetings, social visits, family outings, etc. - Excellent trading partners among the people living outside of China. - The people couldn’t grow their own tea leaves, but they had a special preference for tea. - The customs of
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