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Lecture 7

HIS101 Lecture 7 - October 25, 2012

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Mairi Cowan

October 25, 2012 History: Lecture 7 South Asia Indus Valley (Farming villages by 7000 BCS peak c. 2500-2000 BCE) Vedic Age (1500-500BCE) Mughal Empire (1526-1707 C.E) (Other dates possible too) The rise of Civilization in the Indus Valley - Mohenjo Daro: City might break down in 20 years; archaeologists might bury it to save it - Not really researched and studied - Indus Valley seals have been discovered in many Indus lands (symbols from ancestor to viridian languages)  Perhaps just pictures - TED talks: Rajesh Rao: A Rosetta Stone for the Indus script - The Indus valley benefitted from cultural impact with other civilizations - Such cultural connections endured in South Asia’s history Cultural Contacts: Vindaloo and Biryani - Originated from Portuguese - Word ‘vindaloo’ comes from a Portuguese phrase about meat - Goa was an early Portuguese settlement - Food from Goa there was heavy use of coconut milk - Heavy use of pork in - Goa didn’t have a lot of wine so they took a local technique which combined tamarind and vinegar along with palm juice which they used to season meat and they spiced it with chili pepper. - Biryani: came from Mughal Empire; 1525 - Babur (r. 1483-1530)  Conquered Samarkand  Captured Kabul  Founded the Mughal Empire  Called this becase he traced his mother side to Genghis Khan (Mongol Empire)  Muslim ruling over a large population  He said Hindustan didn’t have a lot of charm  He really liked vegetarianism  He came from Centra
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