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Mairi Cowan

Week 5 The Atlantic World; Using Sources  Introduction to the idea of the Atlantic World What was the shift in world trade that took place in the mid-fifteenth century? World trade moved to the Atlantic The Mediterranean trade then shifted to the Atlantic world Historical to grouping of people and their nations boundaries The history of cultural interactions around the Atlantic  Early voyages across the Atlantic Historians don’t know when was the first crossing of the Atlantic, for thousands of years people made no effort to cross the ocean The people most interested in crossing the Atlantic was the Europeans to reach Asia faster for their spices and silks The Norse, the Vikings Norway, Scandinavia The reason why the Vikings crossed the Atlantic is because of the increase of temperature that meant there was a longer period of farming agriculture and increase in population resulted in searching for more land Sagas Are long written stories, that are based on older tradition Erik’s saga, Greenlander’s saga Erik Thorvaldsson, also known as the Erik the Red He was banished for three years, he decided to explore Greenland and wanted to get further, his son decided to explore further where he landed in what they called Vinland Helge Ingstad and Anne Stine, Norwegians decided to find Viking settlements in North America They were led to Newfoundland, where they found buildings, workshops, furnace and smithy It may have populated 70-80 people, it must have been a village to gather resources in the North Americas and then leave back to Scandinavia. The Flateyjaobok Was written in the 14 century, is talking about something that happen 300 years before It is an accurate  Anachronism It is something that is taken of its proper chronology Writing History: “It is perfectly legitimate to ask contemporary The Black Death, what caused the Black Death? Sequence the plague bacteria to modern bacteria and figure out that it was Yersinia Pestis that killed the Europeans Why is this anachronistic? The Norse settled in Vinland because they wanted to be the first Europeans to cross the Atlantic. The Vikings didn’t know that they were crossing the Atlantic Ignoring the fact that they crossed the Atlantic for agricultural reasons, searching for land  Hispaniola Hispaniola from Arawaks to the Haitian Revolution The Atlantic world doesn’t begin until the Europeans contact the new world Much what happen in Hispaniola only happen to the fact that the Europeans made contact Made a lot of aristocrats richer with using one crop Made Hispaniola go from the richest colony in the world, to the poorest country in the modern world The native people of Hispaniola were the Taoi people They traded among themselves Christopher Columbus landed in Hispaniola in 1494, the picture is the first The Taoi named their land Ayiti, he renamed it La Espanola Columbus left a small group of Spaniards in the island, when he came back he found that all his men wher
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