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Lecture 2

HIS 101 Week 2

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Mairi Cowan

Question can entire human past be considered historyAndWhat is the relationship between history and progressEarly Humanity and PrehistoryEarly HumanityHominids were on earth at least 500000020 or 30 species of hominidsFossilized footprints in Tanzania 35 BPAustralopithecus afrensis Lucy was found23 mill Homo habilis200000150000 Homo sapiens occurred The word prehistorybefore history Written records is often used as the dividing line between prehistory and history written records are the main source of study any society that doesnt have a writing system are part of prehistoryPrehistoric is not a value judgment lack of sophistication or importanceStudying prehistory through art cave paintings in France India and Spain these paintings could be records or ceremonial purposes through the study of analogies of modern people in traditional societies where there is still no writing agriculture and access to modern technologies San people of Southern Africa We are people who in the bush and belong in the bush not village people I have no goats and I have no cattle I am person who owns nothingNisa from the San people When I was gro
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