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Mairi Cowan

Conceiving The New World Order The Global Politics of ReproductionRayna RappFaye GinsburgBy using reproduction as an entry point to the study of social life we can see how cultures are produced or contested as people imagine and enable the creation of the next generationReproduction also provides a terrain for imagining new cultural futures and transformations through personal struggle social movements generational mobility politics and religion These imaginings and actions are often a subject of conflict because they engage in deep aspirations and the sense of survival of groupsoExample Chinas 1 child policyis a hardship and aspiration at the same time most Chinese citizens still want to have more than 1 child but the policy is also desired because its a symbol of the modernStratified Reproduction and Euphemized ViolenceLooks at how reproduction is structured across social and cultural boundaries particularly at localglobal intersectionsStratified reproduction developed by Shellee Colen describes the power relations by which some categories of people are empowered to nurture and reproduce while others are disempoweredoHelps us see the arrangements by which some reproductive futures are valued while others are despisedoThis idea frames important research questions Who is normatively entitled to refuse caretakers for their children to give n
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