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Mairi Cowan

The Escape from Freedom 01222014Carl Marx is living in a time when everything is changing Thought the working class would overthrown the elite class Max Webers Protestant EthicWeber argues that religious ideas forms the basis for the capitalist economic systemMarx says that ideas come from the economic base the modes of production Weber is flipping Marxs ideas on their headTraditional economic ethic making money is sinful one works only enough to have enough money to eat live and be merry Protestant ethicThe result of the reformationCalvinism produces new vales centered on predestinationIdea that before you are born god has destined you to heaven or hell Calvinists believe that nothing that they do in the world will make a difference but it causes them anxiety since they dont know if they are saved Calvinists believe that hard work rationalism and frugality are moral virtuesThis ethic is a fundamental shift in the traditional economic ethic State of NatureOne of the philosophical questions humans have always asked is who am ILockLock believes that people in the state of nature are inherently good and people would want to stay in the state of nature Lock believes that the reason people establish governments is because life liberty and poverty are not as safe as they would otherwise be as they are under a stable governmenteven in a state of nature Says men come together in a gentlemanly way and form government Hobbes 1680sWrites in the context of anarchy crisis death and destruction etc Hobbes writes about the state of nature in a much more violent way and says people in the state of nature are bad Life is brutal bad and short Writes that government is begrudgingly created and resolves in an absolute authority Freud Starts the idea that the human mind has a subconsciousAs a young man wanted to become a doctorBorn in Vienna Becomes a doctor and goes for an extra doctorate in neurology Falls in love gets married and sets up a practice in Vienna Likes the idea of the inner mindHypnotizes patients Asks the patient questions when they are in a semiconscious state Realizes people lie under hypnosis or dont go deep enough into the subconscious for it to work Next he tries to get into people subconscious through psychoanalysis through free association The first thing that comes into a patients mind when a question is asked Freud was interested in not only what his patients did say but what they didnt Through this he comes up with repression
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