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Mairi Cowan

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Early HumanitiesPrehistory Early Humanity y How early is humanity there is a various disagreement over that question many say 25 million years but it is far more complex as homo sapiens split from the line that is close to chimpanzees 5 or 6 million years ago but a number 2030 species emerged o They left foot prints 35 million year y Lucy was in 32 million years ago appeared as a footprint our brains continued to grow larger They start to create tools and move out from Africa into EuroAsia y 150000 Before Present BP Homo sapiens start to emerge Prehistory y A society that does not write they are prehistory as it is harder to analyze o You can tell however through artie Rock shelters that have paintings caves which signify long habitation y Very hard to interpret The art may be for ceremonial or daily life reasons These questions can be unanswered Prehistory through Modern Population y You can also study prehistory through modern p
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