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Mairi Cowan

North America Edible Ethnicities Methodology food and immigration history by Dr Bertram Write what you know y Lived in Manitoba knew the Iceland culture very well Insider history means that someone who knows the subtleties of the culture because they live in that particular area y Look from the culture looking in y Island volcano to shape weather immigration from Iceland to Canada was because of volcanic eruptions y Eastern part of Iceland became inhabitable y Canadians wanted European to come immigrant to the new Iceland reserve and allowed more than 13 of the Iceland population to Manitoba as a way out of the economic crisis o They can establish fishery in Lake Winnipeg High Culture y Representation set forth by the elite such as political leaders authors etc y They set a very abstract notion of what the society is about o ie Fundamentally devoted to arts and education y They do not necessarily think about it in daily life y Popular culture is the complete differentit is what everyday people see themselves Material Culture y Study of objects y Material world objects such as hair ghost stories food etc o Icelandic cul
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