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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 Note

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HIS201 - Lecture 2 Mapping- how to visualize and understand place being studied, not just literal meaning of a map What is considered the middle east today is a historically unstable region Paradigms what good are paradigms civilizations and their problems Where is the Middle East the orient The space between east and west The place where Islam rules Alternative designation: western Asia The construction of geographic blocks, a history of shifting meanings Middle East Division of Christianity between eastern and western As Russia becomes designated as the east After the fall of the byzantine(ottoman) empire, conquering of the byzantine lands by the mukluks Categorizing the east was pushed all the way to western France during the time of ww2 In this way Germany was excluded from the west and placed among others in the east East Germany vs. west Germany (part of NATO) When using border categorizations, it is important to understand reasoning and foundations of fictitious borders
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