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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Note

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HIST201 Lecture 3 The History of the Middle East and the Emergence of Capitalism It is important to understand the origins of todays capitalism Factors for its emergence Reason why the economies are centralized in the west Was the westernization of globalization inevitable? Europes upsurge is a key factor in the history of capitalism th Until the 17 century, the Moguls, the Safavids, the Ottomans, and the Persians were very stable entities The discovery of gun powder in these empires acted almost as the invention of the atomic bomb in the end of WW2 Gunpowder was not just used in the Middle East but also the absolute monarchist empires in Europe ie. Spain; was known to use gunpowder as a weapon when expelling the Muslims and Jews from the region Islam spread to Spain, north Africa, etc. within 100 years of the death of prophet Mohammad This lead to a very Asiatic central Economy Asian World Economy Middle route of the Muslim Mediterranean Shift from Asian to European World-Economy Bubonic Plague 1340-50 Decimates Asian population along trade routes Expansion of ottoman empire into Europe and transformation of ethos of conquest to extractive-disruptive governance
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