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Lecture 3

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HIS201 Lecture 3 Scholarly view of the creation of Islam under Prophet Mohammad and his followers is mainly reform. i.e. economical, social, etc... Muslims understand it as being mainly religious There is difficulty in finding sources dating back to Mohammads time Authenticity is also a question that rises when analysing documents from the previously stated era Important to determine the self interest of the authors, historical context, possible traces of bias, etc... By 750, the Muslim expansion reached southern France, Afghanistan, North Africa, etc... When analyzing a primary document written by a Christian in Syria states that the expansion of Islam came with a sense of peace, prosperity, and tolerance Later Christian, mainly crusades, documents describe the Muslim expansion as a far more violent and bloody advancement Byzantine Setting C.600 Wide-spread poverty and rigid social hierarchy Byzantine Christology split over Trinity and nature of Jesus into Dyophysites: Christ had t wo natures Sasanian Setting C.600 Wide-spread poverty and rigid and social hierarchy Multilingual, hetero-religious society Zoroastrianism: official religion of state Legitimacy crisis of kingship in dynasty Sovereignty War of Annihilation: 610-628 Byzantine and Sasanian empires militarily exhausted
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