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Trade in the Atlantic World -Feb 14, 2012

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HIS203 Lecture6 Feb 14 2012 Trade in the atlantic world Trade y Producing buying and consuming of goodsLie st the hesrt of the stlsntic world for the industriesy Creation of new trade networks in new places in the worldshift of exisiting ones towards the atlantic areay Coastal trade networks regional and north south trade networks y New goods y New forms of production and consuming processestechincal processes of production y 15801780 200 years 3 ppl Amerinidiansslaveseuropeans y The producers merchants distributors y The commodities y What are the patterns of consumption that underline itWhy did the portugese expand towards africa southward y Spice trade producers were in south east asia drove the spice trade y Cinnamon cardamom peppery Later on become the middle men no interest of colonization just interested in becoming merchantsy The consumers the portugese were concerned with was western europe was well out of the distance from asia 9wanted to out due themPatterns of consumption y They didnt have any the spices were intensly expensive were used to mask the taste of bad food y Uniquely associated with wealthy householdsspices association with the goodlife they were exotic commodities y It was to demonstrate that they had the means to purchase the spicesMerchants y Muslims were the first to control then the portugese 1
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