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Mairi Cowan

November 6, 2012- Intro to European History The Atlantic System Slavery - Atlantic Slave Trade o One of the causes was racism, but eh maybe not o Consider not just racism, but the institution of slavery helped caused the ideology of racism - Slavery by 18thC was not new, was ancient institution, had been in decline since end of Roman empire - Was changing to serfdom o Serf had certain legal rights but lacked some freedom, limited status o But serfdom was also in decline o 16thC serfdom a gold age in Eastern EU - Late middles ages/Renaissance o Highest rate, slaves 10% of Muscovy population, domestic servants, maybe soldiers o Orthodox church owned slaves themselves o Sometimes slaves sold their children into slavery, always the same ethnicity o Some slavery in western EU, Spain, Portugal, Italy o Capture by Ottoman’s of Constantinople, EU’s captured by Ottoman’s were slaves o Slaves could often be freed through ransom, not inherited or permanent circumstance - 2 things changed in slavery o 1) Increase connection with EU and western world and Africa o 2) EU colonization in America - Portuguese basically started the slave trade o Went to Africa, interested in gold and ivory, then interested in trading people, Africans o 140 000 to Portugal o EU desire for labour in Americas o EU leaders in American colonies tried to make natives into slaves  Enslaving of native americans not successful  1) Natives had high susceptibility to EU diseases  2) Natives had greater opportunity to escape  3) A lot of opposition among EU power o Some wanted natives to become loyal subjects to the crown for example Spanish king - Indentured servants o Mortality rate high o High social tension in colony o Became difficult to ask English to come over and help - 1700 over a million and half Africans brought to Americas - When slave trade abolished internationally in 19thC, 12 million Africans transported to Americas, doesn’t include the amount that had died on the voyage there - Aristotle: there are some people who are born as slaves o EU followed lead of Aristotle - Spanish and Portuguese 15thC tried to capture Canary Islands, wanted to promote Christianity, King of Portugal sought pope’s blessing, said native inhabitants needed good governance o Only way they could be brought to Christianity was through enslavement o The Bible condones slavery as well in many places  Story of Noah  Ham, his son, went on to populate Africa, Noah had told Ham that he was a servant or something, so now Renaissance people thought Africans were meant to be slaves, but for many years people still didn’t believe/practice this thought much - Medieval and Renaissance EU’s realized people could actually look different and be different around the world - African EU’s were common and like normal - Have been Africans living in Britain longer than the Anglo Saxon (English) - Alessandro de Medici (1510-1537) o First Medici Duke of Florence o We know his mother for sure, but not father o Not always a popular leader and died by assignation o People called him cruel, called him a bastard, called him a murderer, but nothing reflected the fact that he was part African, ain’t no one care about that, his race was never brought up, it didn’t exclude him from power o Had many children out of wedlock, o Not until the 19thC did EU’s tried to bring up the fa
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