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Mairi Cowan

Guest Speaker Astronomer October 23, 2012- Intro to EU History Copernican revolution debated - Conflict with authority - 5 people led to revolution o Nicolaus Copernicus o Tycho Brahe o Johannes Kepler  Tycho’s assistant  Inherited Tycho’s data o Galileo Galilei o Isaac Newton Witchcraft Persecution - Perkins ties together 3 important concept o 1) There are witches o 2) They are real people who practice magic and engage in supernatural forces o 3) Engagement with supernatural with assistant of the Devil - Many well educated people believed what Perkins was saying - Tragically affected lots of people, here’s 3 - Barbe o Arrested 1596 on charges of witchcraft o Worked as day labourers, didn’t own much land, when her husband became cripple was forced to sell any land they can, became reliant on charity from their neighbour o Tried to hang herself in prison o Confession; she had been approached by the Devil and he gave her 2 sacks and she didn’t want to hurt anyone so she threw them into the stream and witnesses came forward that said she threatened them o Barbe told a story of her witchcraft and alliance with Devil, from Barbe’s imagination o And confessed to being with the Devil for 20 years o She harmed people, animals and killed them as well - Helen Frasser o Accused in 1597 o She pretended she had knowledge and skills in which people paid her for o Accused of having cause men to switch their affection from one woman to another - Johnne Brughe o Accused 1643 o First hanged and then burned because it was merciful because you were unconscious when being burned - Between 1450-1750, 100 000 witchcraft trials and 40 000-50 000 executed - People brought to the attention of the authorities by their neighbours - Witch hunts, where academic and
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